Through The Years Vol. 2

Through The Years Vol. 2

01 Sunchild
02 Branches Of A Tree
03 Duck Blues
04 Dreaming
05 Space Funk
06 Schauma
07 Faith
08 Jazzy’s Second Chance
09 Jazzy’s Third Initative
10 In der Fruchthalle
11 Refused
12 Wings
13 Session-1
14 Session-2
15 Session-3

Through The Years

Through The Years

01 Estragon
02 Point Of No Return
03 Ruth’s Song
04 Ants
05 Eleven Pieces
06 Remember Marburg
07 Smiling
08 Song For Oliver
09 Jazzy’s Secret
10 Trinity
11 Ndugu
12 Last Bus
13 Mother Dearest
14 Time Will Show You
15 Wladimir


Since »Estragon« started in 1975, many songs were played live, but none of them had ever been recorded in good quality. After Hans-Hermann Groß, band founder and keyboarder, opended his own recording studio a few years ago, the idea came up to record some of these songs in studio quality. Two albums were made since then: »Through The Years« (2009) and »Through The Years Vol. 2« (2011). The songs, that were written during a long period, in fact over 30 years, were revised and thus, although different in style, became a common touch.

As several former band members had stopped playing their instrument years ago, new musicians were found to play the songs, asking some of the former band members to join in here and there. Besides some of the bands »all time favourites«, some songs were added, that had been written apart from the formation, resulting in a colourful mixture of songs »Through The Years« in two volumes so far.

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Through the years vol. 2
Through the years


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